Rechargeable Silicone Dimmable Bunny Night Light

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The night cries of your little ones are enough to wake you up from a good night's sleep. But why does he cry even after you gave him a full bottle of milk before he slept?

Is he in pain? No!

He is fearful of the dark. So what to do about it?

You can't switch on the lights, or else he won't be able to sleep at all. You also don't have a lamp with soft lights that won't disturb the innocent soul from sleeping and manage to fight his fear of the darkness.

Here comes the bunny night light.

Your child's favorite night light and the surety of a good night's sleep both for yourself and the young one.

It's cute, adorable, and perfect for adding a soothing effect to any room it is placed in. Instill the space with an instant tranquil glow strong enough to put the child in sleeping mode.


  • Soothing lights: The adjustable brightness of the lamp makes it soothing for the eyes. Adjust it as per your needs and live a carefree life. A single long-press is all that you need to change the brightness and color of the lamp.
  • Multiple uses: Turn the lamp into bright white light when you want to use it as a reading light or into dim and soft, warm white when it needs to be the night light for your kids.
  • No need to change batteries: This nursery lamp is rechargeable. Forget about purchasing batteries repeatedly.  Plug it in with a power bank or a laptop to charge and see it giving light for 200 hours in low brightness mode and 8 hours in high brightness mode approximately.
  • Anti-fall and child-safe build: The Silicone body gives this bunny night light tendency to bear falls. Its food-grade material means that the baby's licking habit has no threats to its health with this LED lamp.  


Package includes: White Light