Red Date Pit Separator

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Do you chew dates slowly to avoid hitting their pit with your teeth, or is it hard for you to separate and take it out from the mouth while eating the dates?

If yes, it won't let you fully enjoy this delectable fruit.

So what's the solution?

Use this Red Date Pit Separator and stay free from mistakenly swallowing the pit.

It quickly removes the pits from dates, making it a more child-friendly fruit.

What you'll get:

  • Quick pit remover: The operation takes mere seconds. Place your date in this red date pit separator and press the injector inside to let the pit come out and have an empty date to eat.
  • Zero mess up: With no contact of hands with the date, you will make no mess of the task, and your hands will stay clean and non-sticky while removing the pit. 
  • Quality material: Stainless steel nail of this gadget resists rust. The food-grade plastic is non-toxic and safe to freely place your edible into it.
  • Perfect for making assorted dates: Once the pit is removed from the inside, you can fill the dates with your favorite filling like peanut butter, almond, or Nutella.
  • Versatile use: This red date pit separator is great for all sizes and types of dates, including medjool, barhi, halawi, khadrawi, and all others.