Red Light Therapy Cupping Massager for Pain Relief

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Cupping therapy is an ancient practice that is an alternative to medicines. It dates back to the ancient cultures of Egypt, China, and the Middle East (webmd).

In latest years, this practice is again on the ride but is paired up with technological advancements to make it easier to use. One such modern way of cupping is this red light therapy cupping massager for pain relief.  

It can provide cupping therapy, massage, and scraping to the body. In addition, its dual modes of negative pressure and soothing breathing enable this device to offer a lot of pain relief.

What you’ll get:

  • Three functions: This device provides three functionalities: negative pressure cupping, scrapping, and massage to the body. It is an ultimate pain reliever and can easily be used on any body part.
  • Health benefits: This red light therapy cupping massager for pain relief improves blood circulation, stimulates acupoints, relieves fatigue and pain by relaxing stiff muscles, and improves the immune system.  
  • Adjustable speed heating: You can easily adjust the intensity between 1-12 levels and the heating to 6 levels. With an increased level, the suction becomes stronger, and the temperature also increases, providing intense pain relief. Set the level according to your needs and feel at ease.
  • Auto timer: A 20-minute timer automatically starts when you turn on the device. It ensures that your body doesn’t get under undue stress. After 20 minutes, the device will automatically turn off.
  • Easy to use: Four buttons each for power, temperature control, suction button, and pressure relief are on the device to control it as per your need. The digital LED display also makes it easier for you to know the intensity of therapy and adjust it according to your requirements.