Remote Controlled Bluetooth Music Starry Galaxy Projector Light

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Turn your room into a beautiful underwater cabin with this multi-color starry projector light that can play music from your mobile. Be it a party, a relaxing nap, night light, starlit dinner, celebration, ambiance, or other occasions, this projector will make it special. 

What you will get:

  • Water waves projection: When turned on, it projects water waves in red, white, blue, and green colors along with green laser light.
  • Remote controlled: The water-wave colors and speed can easily be controlled with its remote control. Also, brightness levels, music control, sound control, and everything can be controlled with the remote.
  • 10 Lighting Modes: Not one or two but ten lighting modes can be had with this galaxy projector (with the combination of red, white, green and blue colored lights), including a change of color, brightness level, and water wave design.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Not only does it produces water waves, but it can also be connected to your phone via Bluetooth to play any kind of music.