Removable Electric Drill Dust Collector Attachment

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You despise the idea of having to rely on someone else to do your house chores. So, you've always been the handyman.

The biggest hassle in being crafty and doing things like hanging artwork is the mess left on the floor when you drill holes for wall anchors or toggle bolts.

That’s a mood buster for sure.

Your customized toolbox with all the essential equipment to fulfill all your requirements lacks one significant gadget to counter the mess.

What is it?

Take a look at this handy drill dust collector that minimizes your after-work cleaning chores and is the one thing that makes your toolbox complete. Attach it with the chuck of the drill and let it collect all the dust in it.

Fast, efficient, and needful.


  • Mess-free drilling: Drilling holes in walls, metal, furniture, or floor is a messy chore. The satisfaction of hanging your favorite portrait on the wall is prevailed by the sight of dust on the ground. Use this drill dust collector to efficiently collect all the dust in it and minimize the mess.
  • Useful for many drills: This versatile drill attachment is compatible with a variety of drills. It fits with most drill brands without any adjustments.
  • Easy to use: Unscrew the transparent cover of the collector. Insert the drill bit into the base, ensuring that the brush gets fitted around the drill rod. Close the collector, and voila, you are good to collect the dust while drilling holes. You can easily remove it to take out the dest from the container.
  • Reduce your work: You used to clean the floor with a broom or a vacuum cleaner once done with drilling holes. It was time-consuming and required much more effort. With this dust collecting drill attachment, you’ll be collecting dust while making holes. No need to sweep the floor after work.