Retractable Draining Bowl Rack

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Isn't it difficult to keep utensils in a specific location and drain water from them?

Washed utensils make the place around the sink wet which requires a full clean-up to dry. 

Want to avoid such a situation? 


Use this Retractable Draining Bowl Rack to organize and keep your bowls organized in a quick to drain position.

With its built-in expandable design that can support a variety of bowl sizes, this rack will make drying them, an easy and efficient task.

What you'll get: 

  • Telescopic design: This holder can be expanded to place bowls and plates of different sizes. Simply extend its board plate and adapt its diameter to the dimensions of your utensil.
  • Quality drainage system: The board plate is equipped with a drainage system. It helps you quickly dry your bowls/plates and save your time. 
  • Quick & easy access: This bowl rack is spacious enough to hold your complete plates/bowls set. If you have family dinner, you don't need to find out crockery one by one, simply pick this bowl rack and get all your utensils right away. 
  • Easy to store: This draining rack can be removed. Separate the holding pipes and keep it in a small space if it's not in use.
  • Wide range of uses: Plates, bowls, pot lids, and much more can be stored on this retractable draining bowl rack