Retractable Drying Clothing Rack

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homeandgadget Home Set Retractable Drying Clothing Rack
homeandgadget Home 1pc Retractable Drying Clothing Rack
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Never enough storage space to hang all of those clothes? Well, now you can double your hanging space in the blink of an eye and solve that problem once and for all!

Perfectly designed to let you get the most out of your small closet space, this retractable drying clothing rack is ideal for drying and hanging your clothes. With its dual purpose comes greater efficiency, so it's a win, win situation! 

With this retractable clothing rack you can organize your closet neatly and effectively, which means you'll be able to find just the right outfit for that afternoon lunch, or a night on the town. No more stressing about getting to that appointment on time, you'll get ready with ease and more time means more productivity!

This handy retractable hanging rack can be hung anywhere it's needed. Take your freshly washed or neatly ironed clothes and hang them immediately on the rack, for air dried or wrinkle-free clothing every time. 

Avoid the hassle of straightening and sorting by hanging your shirts, pants, coats, sweaters, belts and scarves and any other clothes items and accessories you might have, neatly and conveniently. It's so nice when everything is easy to find!


  • Space saving: This wall mounted folding clothes rack offers an organized closet space with a lot of space saving convenience making it easier for you to find the required clothes.

  • Quick air drying: Freshly washed clothing can be hung right out of the washing machine and allowed to air dry!  

  • Easy installation: No rocket science needed to install this hanger. Clothing rack easily folds back up to save space when not in use.