Retractable Sink Drain Basket

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Washing fruits and veggies before eating them is a must-do task, and a plastic bowl with no drainage holes is not the ideal choice to do the task.

So make use of this retractable sink drain basket and make washing anything a hassle-free task. Place this basket over the sink so that you can rinse all your fruits and vegetables with both hands and that too with utmost ease.

It is especially suitable for small items like grapes strawberries that are difficult to wash one by one.

What you’ll get:

  • Convenient washing: With an easy placement over the sink, you can wash the vegetables and fruits with ease and satisfaction without messing on the table or the shelf.
  • Good drainage: The drainage holes at the bottom of the colander are smooth and evenly spaced, making draining and straining easy and quick.
  • Easy storage and use: This retractable sink drain basket can be transformed into a compact size and be conveniently stored in even a small space. Its retractable build makes it suitable to place on different sized sinks easily.
  • Multi-use: Not just for washing, but you can use it as a storage basket to keep your fruits and veggies on the kitchen countertop, on the dining table, or in the fridge.