Retro Vintage Rechargeable Eye Protection Bulb Night Light

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homeandgadget Home Black Retro Vintage Rechargeable Eye Protection Bulb Night Light
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Do you find it hard to wear your shoe and go to the bathroom at midnight as finding the light switch button in the dark gets you puzzled?

It's a risky situation since you can collide with any of your bedroom items and fall.

So having a solution to this unfavorable situation is critical.

And this Bulb Nigh Light is here to illuminate your surrounding and lead you to go wherever you want.

Simply place it on your bedside table and turn it on when you need light. This bulb light is portable, efficient, and easy to use.

What you'll get:

  • Vintage design: With modernism covering every bit of your life, this vintage design night bulb is a retreat from all that. It is unique in design and takes you to the past. It is perfect for capturing your guest's attention. 
  • Portable & lightweight: This night bulb has compact size and is portable. If you want to read a book or find your way in the dark, this light will illuminate the surroundings to help you perform your activity effectively. 
  • Quality work capacity: This bulb stays lighted for approximately 12 hours after full charging to help you keep up with your work without any hassle. 
  • Easy to operate: It's simple to use this vintage bulb night light. Simply press the switch button and get it illuminated. If you notice that its light is dimming, attach it to the charger right away.