Reusable Silicone Zip Locks Bags

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Want to get rid of big and bulky containers that are difficult to store, clean, and take a lot of storage space?

Use these reusable silicone zip lock bags to replace stainless steel or plastic containers to store food in the fridge.

These bags are easy to open and close and don't cause any leakage, making them highly efficient. Place fruits, veggies, meat, frozen food in these zip lock bags and use them as lunch boxes or storage bags.

What you'll get:

  • Leakproof storage: These silicone bags are completely leakproof, making them ideal for liquids and semiliquid foods. It won't cause any leakage on the countertops or the fridge, making it mess-free to use.
  • Air-tight seal: The zip lock of the bag ensures that the inside contents stay away from bacteria and dust in the air. Keep your leftovers or lunch in these bags to keep them safe for eating overnight.
  • Safe & healthy: These bags are safe to place your food. These are odorless, tasteless, making sure these don't spoil your food's taste and keep it fresh for long.
  • Temperature resistance: These reusable silicone zip lock bags are resistant to high and low temperatures. These are perfect for storing within a range of -40°C to 240°C, thus making them ideal to use both in the freezer and microwave ovens.
  • Multi-use: Store fruits, veggies, nuts, snacks, and marinated meat in these bags. You can also use them as a serving container for salad.