Reusable Washing Machine Pet Hair Remover

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Are you tired of spending hours picking up pet hair from your clothes before heading out to a party with friends?

Of course, you are.

This time-consuming and uncomforting task can be transformed into a hassle-free and breezy one by using this reusable washing machine pet hair remover.

Rub it over your clothes to extract fine pet hair and give them a clean look in seconds.

What you’ll get:

  • Machine use: To remove pet hair from multiple clothes, throw this hair remover in the washing machine along with the clothes. It will suck all the hair and give your clothes a new-like touch.
  • Manual use: If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to wash your clothes, slide this hair remover over your clothes, and it will pick all the small and big pet hair to give them a presentable look.
  • Protects clogging of drain: Letting the pet hair go straight to the washing machine pipe can clog it and decrease the efficiency of your machine. 
  • Multi-use: Not just for clothes, this hair remover is equally effective for your car seats, carpets, bedsheets, sofas, etc.