Rotatable Soap Holder

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Leaving a soap and sponge on the sink causes dirtiness, softens the soap, wastes it, and creates a mess.

Avoiding all this won't only save you money but also lessen your time spent cleaning the sinks.

But how? By getting your hands at this Rotatable Soap Holder. 

This rack has a 3-tier large capacity to organize cleaning tools and keep your kitchen/bathroom neat and clean. It's handy, efficient, and convenient to use. 

What you'll get:

  • 3 rotatable layer design: This holder is equipped with three moving racks. They help you set the holder according to your desired direction and freely keep all of your cleaning items on it. It separates different items, making your kitchen or bathroom more organized.
  • No drilling & nailing: A self-adhesive backing of the holder prevents any drilling in walls and sustains their beauty. It strongly attaches this holder to the wall and avoids slipping.
  • Detachable design: This holder's racks are detachable. If you need less than three racks or wish to maintain a holder on the sink to place soap for your children, simply detach one of them and use it as needed.
  • Quality drainage system: The frames of this holder are designed with drainage lines. The water passes through them to keep the soap and sponge dry. It avoids soap wasting and any unpleasant smell from the kitchen and bathroom. The tray under the rack collects water and can be slided out to dispose of water efficiently.
  • Multi-use: The rack is not just suitable for holding toiletries but is also efficient in storing kitchen essentials and makeup products.