Rotatable Soap Holder

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Soap dishes that accumulate water and make the soap soggy are unwelcome in every household.

These not only damage the soap shape but also cause a lot of wastage by keeping the soap wet for a long duration. Avoid using these unsuitable soap dishes, and bring this rotatable soap holder for your kitchen and bathroom needs.

With a large hole for water seepage, you won't have to worry about soap wastage. It makes soaps extremely accessible and extends its life significantly.

What you'll get:

  • Good drainage: The soap holder quickly drains the water, protecting the soap from getting moldy and losing its shape. Quick-drying of soap ensures that it is not wasted and can be used longer.
  • Rotatable design: The rotatable design of the soap holder makes it easily accessible. Rotate it on whatever angle suits you. For example, if you are taking a shower on the right side of the holder, rotate it to the right or if you are washing your face on the basin to the left of the holder, rotate it to the left side.
  • Drill-free installation: The holder is extremely easy to install. Attach the adhesive tape on the back of its base and install it anywhere you want. No driliing, no nails, no tools needed for this.
  • Wide application: Not just for bathrooms, this is ideal for installing in the kitchen, near the sink to hold sponges and dish cleaning soaps.