Rubber Chicken Flingers Toy

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Having a hectic day at the office because of tight deadlines and a gigantic heap of files to check?

Get yourself a stress ball, but wait, you have it already and it doesn’t seem to work one bit to your advantage. Wrist strengthening is all you get from squishing it.

What do you do? Continue working with an anxious mind and body. No, that would disrupt your productivity. Your focus would be disastrous.

Easy solution?

These rubber chicken flingers.

These little, cute, stretchy chickens can be pulled with one hand and flicked to send them clucking on the walls, tables, or boards in your office. Believe us, they would snatch out the anxiety monster gnawing at you from inside.


  • Stress-relieving toys:  Put your finger in the empty slot (mouth of the flying chicken), lengthen it with the other hand and leave it to send it shooting towards the wall or ceiling. Use it as a stress-relieving and anxiety-lessening toy at your home or workplace.
  • Fun game for the kids: Another big use of these rubber chicken slingshots is as fun games. Kids can have a specific target on the wall to hit it, a bowl placed at a distance to drop the chicken in, a rotating cup to pot the flinger in. There are so many fun games you can produce with it at game nights, parties and tailgating gatherings.
  • Sticks many surfaces: These flying toys are made of TPR and oil white and can be stuck to walls, glass and ceiling. They will catch dust over time which will cause them to lose stickiness but you can wash them with warm water and soap to regain it.