Sheep Shaped Felt Coasters

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Dirty teacup stains on the table are enough to take away its beauty and elegance.

Instead of wiping the stubborn stains afterward, use these sheep-shaped felt coasters and keep your precious furniture free of dirty stains.

These coasters suck away all the dripping liquids and are reusable for a long. The sheep placed on the table looks very cute and is a perfect reminder of using it before placing a drink on the table.  

What you’ll get:

  • Anti-slip cup pads: The woolen cup pads are anti-sliding. Place your drink on this coaster without worrying about it slipping and falling over on your furniture.
  • No stains: The felt coaster is excellent in water absorption, preventing the liquids from seeping underneath and damaging the furniture.
  • Beautiful décor: The cute sheep-shaped coasters are perfect for placing on your dining table, tv lounge table, or workstation to remind you of using them more often.
  • Reusable coasters: The coasters are reusable, wash them when they get dirty, and they are ready for reuse.
  • Wide application: These coasters are ideal for placing under beer bottles, tea or coffee mugs, water bottles, and glass or soda cans.

Size Information:

Size: large:15X13.5X17cm/Small: 9x9x11cm