Silent Spinning Fly Trap

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The presence of flies makes you uneasy.

They can also cause food poisoning if they linger on your food after sitting in the garbage.

So getting rid of them will ensure your good health and relaxation.

And here is this Silent Spinning Fly Trap to capture all flies in an environment-friendly way. Simply put bait in grooves and plug in this trap and keep your surroundings free from flies.

 What you’ll get:

  • No chemicals & noise: This trap doesn’t make any noise to help you, and your little one sleep without any disturbance. It's also chemical-free, so it won't harm your environment and keep it healthy.
  • Simple to use: This fly trap takes about one minute to set up. Simply position the machine where flies are active and fill its five grooves with bait, sugar, or vinegar. Connect the power and turn the switch on now.
  • Fly-free surroundings: This fly trap features a unique mechanism. The grooves of this machine move slowly to prevent the flies from hovering away and attract them toward the sweet ingredient. When flies sit on it, they become trapped on the bottom side, from which they cannot escape.
  • Wide applications: This silent spinning fly trap is perfect to use in hotels, food courts, canteens, restaurants, farms, pharmaceuticals, etc.