Silicone Oil Brush Bottle

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What do you do to enjoy barbeque?

Surely, you arrange for a cookout and invite your pals.

But what if the oil brush fails to withstand heat and its bristles are damaged when applying oil to the roast?

 It’ll spoil the whole plan since you won’t be able to oil your grill.

With our Silicone Oil Brush Bottle, you'll be free of such unpleasant surprises and enjoy to the fullest!

Heat resistant brush and bottle for storing the oil, this brush bottle is ideal for obtaining.

What you’ll get

  • Heat resistant brush: Brush’s bristles endure the hot grill – feel comfortable applying this brush on warm roasting.
  • Quality oil bottle: The brush is securely attached to a bottle cover. There is no way for a speck of dust to get into the bottle. Just put the oil in the bottle and close it with the brush, which is also a bottle cover.
  • Elastic bristles: Stretchable bristles deeply dampen even the narrowest parts of your food, making it delicious to eat.
  • Ergonomic handle: The brush's handle is long enough to be held comfortably. It's been custom-made to fit exactly in the bottle and not slip from your grip.
  • Safe to use: Food-grade silicone makes it safe to use this oil brush bottle for eating purposes.