Rechargeable Clothes Lint Remover

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Tiny fluff balls on warm clothes after washing is a common problem.

It ends the freshness of clothes and makes them look old.

So, if you’re sad about this issue, our Rechargeable Lint Remover will resolve your issue in a breeze.

Switch on the trimmer button and gently press it on your outfit to get it free from lint.

What you’ll get

  • No more pilling on clothes: Three sharp blades are designed to completely remove pilling from clothing. Even if there are tiny lint balls stuck on the fabric, this trimmer will extract them efficiently.
  • Long battery time: Use this lint remover without the stress of charging. It runs for 2 hours after being fully charged. Remove the lint on your clothes with convenience.
  • Safe to use: Your clothes stay free from burning even frequently using this lint remover. But make sure not to strongly press this trimmer on the fabric.
  • Ideal for all clothes types: Whatever clothes type you have, whether it’s legging, socks, blanket, curtain or wool, this trimmer will remove the pilling precisely.