Single Handle Baking Bowl

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Cooking doesn’t have to be boring.

Even though it’s sometimes tiring and you just can’t seem to find that food inspiration, there are always ways to turn things around.

Eye these Single Handle Baking Bowls and decide for yourself – aren’t they the cutest little bowls for your roasting, boiling and baking tasks? Yes.

Wouldn’t they spread enthusiasm in your kitchen? Yes.

Won’t they make your kids help you out in the cooking? Yes.

So get it now and receive a daily dose of inspiration and excitement in the kitchen.

What you’ll get:

  • An exciting bowl for your baking needs: Whether you want to bake a lemon cake in it on a weekend or an apple pie for your guests, these bowls are suitable for all. In addition to that, they are also suitable for your roasting and boiling needs.
  • Uniform heat distribution: The scratch-free glaze and the high-fired ceramic material spreads heat evenly throughout the bowl, so the food bakes evenly. It doesn’t absorb odors. Equally suitable for microwave, oven and freezer.
  • Multiple uses: Use the bowls for making onion soup, beef stew, oatmeal or roasting chicken pieces and lasagna, etc.
  • Easy handling: The single handle allows for easy handling because you can put and take it out of the oven using one hand only.
  • Space-saving storage: Owing to the stackable design of the bowls, you can store 4 in the space of 1.