Small Exfoliating Loofah Pad

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It’s not okay to say no to this exfoliating loofah pad!

Wondering why? Well, if you suffer from dry skin even after a long relaxing hot bath, you surely know the reason. All the dead skin build-up irritated your body, making you itch right after the bath. Sometimes, even if you moisturize, the uncomfy feeling still lingers around.

Because your healthy skin cells didn't get enough of it!

And, you may already know that dry skin can make your skin dull and rough even before old age. So, it's a must to indulge yourself in body care by following a gentle exfoliation routine with our loofah scrub sponge.  It's not harsh on the skin and leaves a smooth and soft touch after every shower.


  • Goodbye to dry skin: Regular use of this loofah cleaning pad enables you to gently remove the dead skin build-up, thus giving you younger-looking skin in the long run.
  • Natural exfoliation: You won't have to use harsh chemical peelers on your delicate body. This loofah scrubber can work perfectly even with your regular body wash.
  • Must-have shower accessory: Gentle exfoliation once or twice a week can make your skin healthy, allowing your body to breathe freely.
  • Multipurpose: This loofah body scrub can be used all over the body. So, be free to use it for face or foot as it benefits each part equally

*includes round loofah pad