Mesh Foaming Net

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We can't solve all your life problems. But we can definitely solve these three: 

  1. Makeup removing
  2. Harsh cleansing
  3. Skin damaging

But, it's only possible if you follow the right routine:

    ✔️ Remove makeup before bed

    ✔️ Do double cleansing

    ✔️ Be gentle with your skin

All you beauty enthusiasts must have this basic skincare on your fingertips. Then where’s the problem that's stopping you from getting that baby skin? Ah, those damn expensive products!

Rich foam cleanser demands rich girl vibes, and the soap bar seems harsh! What to do? Have you ever heard of mesh foaming net? Yes, precisely the one that will create fine lather for you. Yep, exactly the one that will get your skin a deep cleansing.

But, no, it won't irritate your skin.


  • Delicate cleansing: Hand friction can cause large bubbles, which can cause skin irritation and poor cleaning of pores. But with this covering, you can create a high-quality lather to get the maximum benefit from your facial cleanser.
  • Budget-friendly: You won't have to invest in bank-breaking cleansers or face washes anymore because this bubble maker bag will let you have a foamy texture out of your regular soap bar.
  • Save time: All you have to do is wet the net covering sponge, put a powder or gel wash to make it lather. It will foam in mere seconds.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin: You don't have to rub your skin with the soap or face wash directly, harming the protective barrier in the process. Instead, use the lather to cleanse or clean your skin gently.


Package includes: 1 x 9*11cm mesh foam net