Smart Door Stopper Alarm

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Q: What's the one thing all working women fear?

A: Long out-of-city business tours!

Poor hotel security and crooks work hand in hand to make your trip a bad memory and the worst experience. 

You spend all night on the verge of collapsing, looking at the door, trying your best to stay awake.

Why? Because you dread that your gut instinct might be true as it's not your home, and you can never be 100% safe elsewhere. The same happens when you are home alone, living upstate with fewer people living around you or have a suspicious neighborhood.

What if we say we have got something that can help you be at ease in these situations?

This smart door stopper alarm is what you need – 3 sensitivity modes, wedge-shaped design, automatic loud alarming sound, and anti-skid pad won't let any uninvited hotel staff, preying thief, or anyone enter your room.


  • No Installation required: The portable door stopper security alarm doesn't need any wiring to install. Instead, turn on the switch and push the wedge-shaped unit under the door.
  • Adjustable sensitivity: The alarm goes off as per the vibration sensor, so you can set it as high, medium, or low depending on suspicion of the neighborhood or your peace of mind at the location.
  • Safe outdoor stays: Our door stop security avoids forceful entry of anyone, thus saving you from any break-ins.
  • Prevents the door from opening: The wedge-shaped design, together with the anti-skid base, creates an obstruction in opening the door easily. This gives you more time to act in case of an unfortunate break-in.