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Just thinking about the time and effort it took you to find the missing piece of your favorite sock, the last time you put them to dry is enough to tire you up.  

Avoid losing your socks again by using this sock lounge buddy to wash and dry them conveniently.

It holds 10 pairs of socks and ensures that they stay together in the washing machine and while you hang them to dry.

What you’ll get:

  • 2-in-1 function: Put your socks in this holder and throw them in the laundry machine to wash up. The socks will not mix up with other clothes and stay together. After washing them, hang this holder to use as a dryer.
  • Convenient hanging: With 10 hanging spots for the socks and one foot-shaped hanger, it is convenient to hang the sock lounge buddy anywhere you want.
  • Space-saving drying: Instead of spreading your socks all over the floor or furniture to dry, use this space-saving option to hang socks and air dry them efficiently.
  • No more misplacing socks: Gone are the days when you used to spend hours completing the pair of your socks. No more going through the wardrobe to find the lost socks. This sock hanger keeps your socks together.