Soft Gel Knee Pads For Working

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Do you spread a thick foam sheet before cleaning your baseboard so that your knees won’t hurt?

Do you have a dedicated kneeler for your gardening chores?

What if we tell you that you can perform all these tasks without spreading anything beneath you? Something that provides the same cushioning effect but is more convenient, adjustable and portable.

Our ingenious soft gel knee pads for working.

Pull them over your knees, fasten the straps as per your desired tightness and kneel anywhere you want, drill anything you need, screw any pipe your desire, trim any loose piece you want. Without pain, without tipping over, without any danger of hurting yourself.

The gel knee pads follow a series of protective filters. They start with the hard PVC exterior, followed by the neoprene lining, then the cushioning gel insert and finally the EVA foam padding. Say “come on” to all your hard household chores and blurt “better luck next time” when they are done :p


  •  Reduces fatigue: The EVA foam layer coupled with the gel insert and the neoprene lining reduces knee fatigue by evenly spreading the pressure throughout the knees when you kneel.
  •  Provides support: The low-profile cap design of the gel knee pads ensures stability on any terrain. Whether you are at a construction site drilling holes or at an industrial zone collecting debris, or immersed in a home improvement task, they will prevent tipping over.
  • Protects against injury: Thanks to the anti-skid PVC exterior, it provides excellent protection to your knees against any sort of injury resulting from nails, glass, screws or debris. Work with complete peace of mind and safety.
  • Improves efficiency and training: You may be often afraid of falling during your dance practice or basketball matches but not anymore. Wear these heavy duty gel filled knee pads and follow your passion with a complete sense of safety. These protective pads are meant for both men and women.
  • Adjustable straps for complete freedom: Owing to the adjustable straps, you can adjust them according to your legs. There is one extra-long neoprene strap and one thin top strap that keeps the pads on and reduces the annoying tying of the strap behind the knee. The bottom strap stretches to fit calves up to 23 inches and includes 15” Velcro fasteners. Each strap has a clip buckle that extends to 28 inches.
  • Multi-purpose applications: Use this brace during wrestling, dancing, home improvement tasks, yoga, gardening, construction work, sports, etc.