SoleSmooth Professional Electric Callus Remover

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Do you feel embarrassed to remove your shoes at a gathering?

Is it because of the callus on your feet that gives them an old and unappealing look?

If yes, get this Professional Electric Callus Remover to feel confident as ever. It is a perfect gadget to take extra care of your foot and prevent any dead skin from appearing.

Use it to get rid of callus efficiently and take care of your feet just like you care about the rest of your body.

What you’ll get:

  • 360° rotation: This callus remover is ideal for removing callus from your foot sole. Its 360° rotation mode ensures that every angle of your feet is covered with it.  
  • Adjustable speed: You can adjust the speed of this electric callus remover as per your need. Fast for quick removal and slow for careful and relaxed removal of dead skin.
  • Replaceable sand disk: The sand disk of this electric pedicure tool is replaceable. Change the disk when someone else needs to use the device to ensure hygiene.
  • Soft, smooth feet: This electric callus remover does the job perfectly. It removes rough, dry, or callused skin perfectly to give your feet smooth skin, just like that of a baby.
  • Portable: The device is small in size and so easy to carry with you. Take it in your handbag and give your feet a smooth and beautiful look.

Package includes: 1 Electric Callus Remover,  1 Adapter, 60 sandpaper disk, 1 User manual