Soothing Anxiety Suction Cup Lick Mat for Pets

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Is bath time a nightmare for your dog? Don't worry, as this lick pad will keep your dog calm and let you bathe him within minutes. It's usual for dogs and other pets to resist cleaning, and whatever tricks you follow prove futile. So, why not try this pet lick mat that can make dog bathing easy and cost-effective.

What you will get:

  • Makes dog busy in eating: It's often difficult for us to bathe our dog, for it's natural for the animal to resist any action that restricts their movement. With this serving pad, your dog will be busy eating the stuff while you shower him well.
  • Powerful suction cups: On the back of this lick pad are powerful suction cups that keep it stuck to the wall, forcing the dog to eat the stuff with his neck kept up.
  • Slow food design: The raised edges and bone-like designs within the pad make it difficult for the dog to eat hurriedly, allowing him/her to eat for a longer time.  
  • Easy to clean: Clean it either in a dishwasher or hand wash with hot soapy water.

How to use it?

Just stick it to the wall where you will bathe your pet and add some eatables pastes, like peanut butter. The dog will start eating, and you will shower him without any difficulty. Isn't that simple?