Spinning Wheel Drinking Glass

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Spinning a beer bottle to play truth or dare is an old and boring way.

Live a little more and use this spinning wheel drinking glass to make things a lot more fun and interesting.

It will multiply the fun at parties, get-togethers, game nights with friends and family.

What you’ll get:

  • Pointing device: Use it as a pointing device to choose a person at random and play any game fair & square. No favoritism and biases with this pointer, just plain luck, and fun.
  • Portable: Its small size makes it convenient to carry it everywhere with you. Whether you are heading for a picnic in the park, bbq at the beach, or party at a friend’s house. Take it with you and enjoy fun games with this.
  • Glass storing base: With a base made on top to put a glass, you can use it as a drinking buddy. Whoever the device points at is supposed to drink the beverage in the glass. It is a fun way of drinking fairly at a party.