Squishy Dinosaur Led Light

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It’s almost 9 pm. The time each parent fears in one phase of their life – Bedtime.

It doesn’t sound scary or dreadful. Instead, it seems cozy, comfy, and relaxing. Right?

Well, if you are a mother, the meaning may change to an endless baby crying and a long sleepless night.

Make bedtime fun for your children with our cute little squishy dinosaur led light. It’s an adorable protection from the creepy monsters under their bed and the boogeyman behind the curtain.


  • Long-lasting battery: It has a USB charging port at the bottom. Red indicates the battery is in charge mode, and green shows it’s fully charged. The lamp has a run time of 20 hours when fully charged
  • Cute decoration: During the day, it can serve as an eye-pleasing and adorable piece for your bedroom, lounge, or baby’s room.
  • Touch-sensitive: The color-changing (with integrated charging) night light gives different illuminations. Tap the animal to choose the light you need. Remember to turn it on first from the bottom button.