Stainless Steel Chestnut Opener Tool

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Quit opening up your walnuts and chestnuts with pliers, wooden hammers and knife blades now – bring this ready-to-use & crack-in-one-go Chestnut Opener Tool and save your fingers from damage.

It handles all sizes and hardness of nuts, is simple in operation and doesn’t slip off your hand. Crack open your chestnuts while lying on a couch and watching your favorite Netflix thriller with this tool.

What you’ll get:

  • Serrated dual blades for quick operation: The whole of the body is made of Stainless Steel but the main part is the dual, plus-shaped serrated blades that cut the chestnuts with minimum force. Because the surface area of the blades is less, a little force results in a large pressure (Pressure=Force/Area).
  • Ability to handle all sizes of nuts: Thanks to the 5 cm platform, it can accommodate almost every size of chestnut and walnut you bring home to eat. The platform has a curved shape so that the nuts can remain inside after being cracked open and not shoot out from the sides.
  • Risk-free nut opening: There isn’t any need to put your safety at stake now. We all have opened up nuts using pliers and knives but that is extremely dangerous. It can result in finger cuts and bruises. This nutcracker tool does the job without any of that risk.