Stainless Steel Mesh Tea Ball Infuser

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You just brewed yourself a perfectly hot cup of tea. You are about to read your favorite novel for the zillionth time.

The moment you take the first sip of the aromatic tea, the tea leaves come as a surprise in your mouth, ruining the whole vibe and taste.

Ain’t that a mood buster? Of course, it is.

But nothing to worry about. We know the problem and have the perfect solution for it.

Your old stainer should be directed to the dustbin, and you better get hold of this mesh tea ball infuser.

This efficient infuser mixes the essence of tea leaves into the hot water without any leaking. Elevate your tea sessions with this convenient to use tea infuser that is a dream product for every tea lover.


  • Desired tea strength: Adding tea leaves directly into the water can cause its strength to vary every time, which no tea lover appreciates. Instead, use this tea infuser and remove it promptly when it has steeped the desired color and strength.
  • Reusable operation: Unlike ordinary tea bags, this mesh tea ball is reusable. Save your money and spend once on this infuser to live a carefree life.
  • Easy to use: The mesh ball is easy to open. Place the tea leaves inside it and use it as per your need. The cleaning takes very little effort as well. Additionally,  the stainless body gives it good resistance against corrosion and rust.
  • Multiple uses: Not just for tea leaves, but you can use it for raw spices/herbs as well. For example, for seasoning soups and other dishes, use this mesh ball to infuse the flavors without putting the whole, unground spice inside.