Tempura Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Pot With Temperature Control

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How much do you spend on your cooking oil per month?

Plenty, if you and your family are into fried food excessively. But there’s a way you can minimize your spending on cooking oil. How?

By getting this Stainless Steel Tempura Deep Fryer Pot. It saves oil, cooks food quickly, is safer than the frying pans & pots you previously have, and prepares much delicious food.

So, is there any genuine reason not to buy it? Surely, there isn’t.


  • Good insulation with safety: Made of 304 Stainless Steel, this deep fryer provides good insulation and you can pick it up using the handles without burning your hands (provided the oil is not at a very high temperature). Additionally, the handles are curved and riveted which means they provide good grip and will not come loose with time, ensuring maximum safety.
  • On-hand draining convenience: It contains a removable metal grid that will drain the excess oil from the fried empanadas, shrimps and fries you are making in real-time. No need to place the fried items on a separate strainer or plate with a tissue. This metal grid gets the excess oil off the food items easily.
  • No under or overcooked food now: Thanks to the Stainless Steel Tempura Deep Fryer Pot’s temperature control, you will not have any uncooked potato cutlets or overcooked fries anymore. Enjoy the food with the right crisp, scrumptiousness and odor now. The accurate temperature meter can measure temperatures up to 200oC.
  • No need for a specific stove: It works on all sorts of stoves, be it gas stoves, induction stoves or electric stoves. Talk about convenience and ease of use.
  • Spill-free oil transfer: After frying, you can easily take off the lid and use the teat side of the oil container to pour the oil into any other container. The shape of the teat ensures that you don’t spill a single drop of oil.
  • Easy to clean: As all the components of the deep fryer: lid, oil container, metal grid, temperature meter, can be separated, it is a breeze to clean it.