Stealing Coin Cat Piggy Bank

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Just when we thought piggy banks couldn’t be any fun!

Say hello to the enthralling Coin Stealing Cat Bank that features a cat that is initially hidden inside a box. When a coin is placed on the counter, the box slowly opens, the cat peeks from underneath and pulls the coin into the box with the help of her paw. Isn’t that exciting? You can access the coins from underneath.


  • Thrilling operation: The machine works on 2 AA batteries. There is a white counter made on the top of the box. When you place the coin on it and press it softly, the cat appears with a shrill “thank you”, and stretches out her little paw to steal the coin and drop it inside the box. The overall process takes about 5-7 seconds. To access the collected coins in the bank, you can open the screw present on the underside of the bank by turning it in the direction of the drawn arrow.
  •  Fun way of storing money: We bet you that this adorable cat coin bank will encourage your kids to save even more money than before, just because of the fun way the cat stores their coins. Get your kids this gift now and thanks us later.
  • Strong plastic construction: The product is constructed out of plastic that is glued and screwed together tightly. There are no flimsy parts and it can sustain minor falls without disturbing the mechanism.