Stuffed Hamburger Press

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The ultimate tool for burger lovers

Few things are more memorable than the juiciness of a stuffed hamburger, and making one with your favorite ingredients is super-easy to do with a Stuffed Burger Press. In a few quick steps you can have a customized stuffed burger ready to grill for friends and family. Easy clean-up. 

With a Stuffed Burger Press it’s easier than ever to make a variety of delicious stuffed burgers. Imagine hosting a fun burger-bar using creative ingredients so guests can make their own unique taste sensations. Try Hawaiian burgers, chicken Cordon Bleu burgers, chili burgers, pizza burgers, Mexican burgers, Reuben burgers, or Buffalo chicken

  • Faster and less messy than pressing by hand
  • Makes a perfectly sized burger for standard buns
  • A fun way to be creative with new ingredients
  • Makes restaurant style sliders and burger patties up to ¾ lb.
  • A great tool for a "make-your-own" burger bar
  • Makes a great gift