Stunning Queen Crown Zirconia Ring

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homeandgadget 6 / Multicolor Stunning Queen Crown Zirconia Ring
homeandgadget 6 / Topaz Stunning Queen Crown Zirconia Ring
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This Queen Crown Shaped Zirconia Ring is truly unique. This lovely and intricately designed ring is rich in detail and character. Our Queen Crown Shaped Zirconia Ring features beautiful Zirconia Stones that wraps itself daintily around your finger and a center main tear shaped Topaz/Rainbow stone that adds color and visual interest. 

This wonderful ring would make a stunning gift for the queen in your life or a gorgeous addition to your own jewelry collection!

Stones come in two colors : Rainbow and Topaz. Available in Sizes  6, 7, 8, 9 10, 11, 12, 13 (Choose Size Above) - these are U.S. Ring sizes


What Is Cubic Zirconia Made Of?
Cubic zirconia is a form of zirconium dioxide. It is created synthetically and is usually colorless and relatively flawless. Since its optical and physical properties resemble to some extent those of diamond, cubic zirconia is often used as a diamond imitation.

How Are Man-Made Diamonds Created?
Man-made diamonds are created synthetically in a lab. They are also known as lab-grown diamonds, cultivated diamonds, synthetic diamonds, created diamonds, and cultured diamonds.

Contrary to what some people think, man-made diamonds are not considered fake just because they are made artificially.

These stones are real diamonds as they have the same chemical composition and physical characteristics as natural diamonds.

What is the differences Between Man-Made Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia?
Cubic zirconia and man-made diamonds differ in their physical and chemical properties.