Super Soft & Plush Magic Glow In The Dark Blanket

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Do you love stargazing? Yes!

Do the blooming moon and stars make your soul feel at peace? Yes!

Do you wish to sleep right then and there under the blanket of the mesmerizing starry sky? Yes!

Can you experience the same feeling in your home space, right on your bed, without going out on the roof or the lawn? Yesss!

Get your hands on the best glow in the dark blanket that illuminates the space with the realistic gleam of moon and stars. It works as a soft plush comforter during the day and scenery of beautiful starry skin at night.


  • Super soft comforter: The glow in the dark star blanket is soft, fuzzy, and cozy to let you snuggle day and night for a peaceful nap or sleep.
  • Help put your little one to a relaxing sleep: Forget late-night runaways to your kid's room because he/she got scared of the non-existing monster under their bed. Instead, get this magic glow in the dark blanket throw to add a subtle and soothing luminosity in the room when the lights go off.
  • Romantic date with your partner: Grab the popcorn, decide on your favorite movie, turn the lights off, and wrap the glow throw around to have quality time under the brightness of the moon and stars in your room.
  • Travel-friendly: Our light up blankets are perfect for taking along on your road trips or camping. Stay magically warm!