Telescopic Pole Window Cleaner

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Windows are often overlooked during the everyday cleaning of the house or office buildings. Why? Because they are time-consuming to clean and thus only taken care of weekly or fortnightly.

But this approach is bad and reflects you as a careless person.  Dirty window panes or grooves leave a poor impression on your guests at home or clients at the office.

You certainly don’t want to lose clients or make your house unwelcoming because of poorly maintained window glass.

So, what do you do to make the chore hassle-free?

Bring this telescopic window cleaner into your house to reach difficult and heightened windows conveniently.

Make your windows as clean as new with this effective and efficient cleaning tool.


  • Comfortable to use: The ergonomic design of this telescopic window cleaner makes it easy to operate and achieve excellent results in cleaning windows. No need to stand on a ladder or stool to reach high windows. Simply extend the pole and do the task without feeling weary.
  • Efficient in cleaning: This cleaning brush has a 300o rotating head, making it easier to reach every angle of the window in a breeze. The fiber cloth quickly eliminates dirt marks and dust from the panes and gives them a brand new look. You can easily remove or install the fiber cloth.
  • Durable design: The extendable rod is made with stainless steel that gives it a strong resistance against rust and corrosion.

* Comes with 3 fiber cloths