Telescopic Sink Rack With Drain Holes

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Is the countertop around your sink usually sticky, slimy and eye-soring?

It’s because you don’t have a good sink rack organizer.

What if all your dish cleaning essentials were snuggly placed at an easy-to-reach storage rack?

Neatly assembled and cleanly placed without any stickiness and smell.

Ahhh…A dream.

That is about to come true.

Look at this telescopic sink rack. It can be adjusted on the edge of your sink, can secure your sponges, brushes, cleaning towel and soaps in one place, keep them dry and refreshing and does that without taking any excess space.

How kitchen-friendly, mind-soothing and mess-reducing is that! So, treat yourself to a sparkling, movie-clean and elegant sink today.

What you’ll get:

  • Fit for all sinks: Its retractable design allows it to fit most of the sinks. You can expand or contract it to fit your own and the good part; it can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

  • Doesn’t take a lot of space in the sink: The retractable sink rack is only 6 cm wide so it will fit your sink’s edge snuggly without interfering with the normal use of the sink. Put your sponges, cleaning brushes, dishwashing soaps and cutters in it. The towel holder will hold your dishcloths and towels.

  • Non-smelly sink organizer: Thanks to the evenly spaced drain holes, all the water present inside your sponges and brushes will be expelled out of the sink organizer. No mold, no smell, no depositions.

  • Install in a snap: Install the rag hanger by snapping the two elements together. Then, align it with the card slot of the organizer and rotate to the right to lock it. Finally, remove the cover from the non-slip stickers and attach it to the surface.