Temporary Hair Dye Chalk Comb

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Coloring hair elegantly changes the overall look of your personality. But the chances of getting bored with having a single look shade for a long time are pretty high.

You can't dye your hair frequently with different tones since it will damage your hair.

So, is there any alternative to changing your hair shade whenever you want?

This Temporary Hair Dye Chalk Comb is ideal for fulfilling such desires.

It helps you bring any hair shade whenever you desire and remove or change it at any time.

 What you'll get:

  • No color-changing hassle: The color chalk in the brush is perfect to dye your hair. Simply divide your hair and brush each lock from top to bottom one by one to achieve the desired strand tint in a flash. 
  • Engaging & beautiful look: This comb makes your hair look stunning. You can apply it individually or blend it with other colors to get multiple shades in your locks.
  • No more hair damage: The chalk is made of hypoallergenic material that keeps your hair safe. The brush's strings are rounded to prevent nicks and scrapes on the skin of your head.
  • Convenient removing: Removing this hair color is convenient. Wash your hair with shampoo and turn them back into your natural look in minutes.
  • Wide applications: This hair dye chalk comb is ideal for children and adults to apply to any event, from birthday parties to Christmas and family gatherings.