The Hand Massager Electric & Rechargeable

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Typing all day?

Sweating yourself for your family doing household chores?

Earning bread and butter for your family in the office?

Training for a successful basketball and badminton career?

Suffering from arthritis?

If you are any one of these or related to these, this ergonomic electric hand massager is there to provide your hands wireless massage whenever and wherever. Talk about convenience!

Not only will it reduce hand fatigue and stiffness, but it will also improve hand flexibility, smoothness and blood circulation.

No need for a second person, no need to go to a massage center, no need to even do it yourself – it’s one of the most satisfying yet effortless hand massagers you will come across.


  • Full coverage acupressure massage: The inner side of the hand massager is covered with air cushions that become activated with three-dimensional waves once it is turned on. It massages the whole hand and hits the acupressure points that provides an amazing massaging experience.
  • Full control of the intensity of the massage: You can control the intensity and the mode of the massage through the touch control panel. There are 6 massage modes and 2 temperature settings. These settings will enable you to decide which specific points to target. Select the male or female button first, then adjust the strength button. If you want the heating effect, press the heating button.
  • Multiple uses: If you are involved in excess household chores or your office work is mainly related to a typewriter or keyboard; if you have sore hands due to regular practicing of guitar, piano or a physical game; if you are a patient of arthritis; if your hands become excessively cold in winters, this is the hand massager for you. It improves blood circulation, alleviates hand fatigue, releases pressure, enhances joint flexibility and grants smoothness to your sore and rough hands.


  1. Apply hand cream on your hand.
  2. Put on a disposable glove.
  3. Put your hand inside the massager from the directed side and turn on the hand massager.
  4. Green – light mode; red – soothing mode; blue – strong mode