Thigh Toner Workout Equipment For Women

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homeandgadget Home Grey Thigh Toner Workout Equipment For Women
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Maybe you have gone through a long period of immobility and have developed thigh fat.

Or you just had a baby and noticed that your thighs have turned flabby.

Or lack of exercise has made your thigh fat.

Whatever the reason is, this thigh toner equipment will get your thighs back in shape. After all, which woman doesn’t want thin legs?

It makes you don all types of dresses beautifully and appear irresistible for the opposite gender.

Get attractive for your boyfriend or husband – it’s never too late to do the right thing.


  • Engages lower body muscles effectively: Thanks to the spring resistance mechanism, this equipment builds the muscle strength of your glutes, thighs, pelvis and core.
  • Quick thigh toning & fat reduction: Indulging in a daily thigh workout with this leg toner will burn your thigh fat and give you sculpted legs. It will develop that attractive thigh gap that is the dream of every woman. It works on spring resistance; as you open and close your legs against the spring force, muscles have to do work that strengthens them.
  • Sweat-absorbent padding for convenience: The arms of the inner thigh toner are padded with thick foam that is sweat-absorbing so that you can get through a long workout session without feeling uncomfortable. It also gives a good grip.
  • Targets other muscle groups too: You can also use it to work your arms, back and shoulder muscles.

How to use thigh toner equipment:

  • For targeting the inner thigh, sit on your knees with calves lying flat on the ground. Position one arm of the toner behind the thigh and the other behind the calf and move your leg up and down.
  • Lie flat on the floor and place the toner between your inner thighs. Move them in and out.
  • To target the back, stand straight and hold both hands behind your back. Position each arm of the toner on the inner side of your forearms and try straightening them downwards.