Tic-Tac-Toe Educational Toys

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Want a toy to surprise your kids with that is equally fun as it is educational?

If yes, get these tic-tac-toe educational toys to let go of all the boredness your child feels while playing with his old toys.

This is a perfect game for 2 children to play. You’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful time alone while the young ones spend their time making straight lines of the plastic pieces in the game.

What you’ll get:

  • Develop educational skills: This game is not just fun but can also teach color differentiation, counting, and the concept of a straight line. It is ideal for basic learning skills for the young ones.
  • How to play: Each player picks a color and puts a piece of his color into one of the boxes, turn by turn. The players try to align three pieces in a straight, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line while also stopping each other from making a straight line by placing their pieces in between the line. Whoever completes the line first, wins.
  • Fun competitive game: The competition of the game won’t bore your children and will keep them busy for long. It keeps 2 kids busy at the same time.