Touch-Sensitive Table Strawberry Lamp

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Love strawberries? Who in their sane mind wouldn’t? Not only are they succulently delicious, but health benefits seem to have a long-lasting crush on them J

Eating them boosts your immunity (Vitamin C, sir), lowers your cholesterol, prevents heart attacks and reduces inflammation of the joints. But will this strawberry touch lamp give you all these benefits?

Not exactly, but it will sure give you a good night's sleep, and the urge to eat this power-packed fruit.

Isn’t that enough to expect from a night lamp? So, what is holding you up? Get it now and scurry towards a healthy lifestyle.


  • Brighten it up at will: It includes 3 brightness modes that can be activated by a single touch. Adjust it according to your requirement and desire. The lamp serves both types of users, those who like bright light and those who wish for a soothing, relaxing, just-the-right illumination.
  • Resistant to falls: The body of the cute strawberry night light is made of soft silicone while the base is constructed out of ABS. This means if you accidentally push it off the table or your little kid throws it onto the ground, it won’t break easily.
  • Light it up anywhere: For extended convenience, it is integrated with a 1200mAh rechargeable battery. Charge it using the included USB cable and carry it on your trips and holidays. You and your kids will never be away from their favorite strawberry lamp.