Under Shelf Pull Down Sliding Spice Rack

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Every avid foodie's kitchen cabinet is stocked with spices that they use to enhance the flavor of their cuisine.

But are those cabinets orderly? or do you spend minutes trying to remember where you put paprika bottles, onion powder, and black pepper the last time you used them?

If this is the case, we have the ideal product for you.

Take a look at this under-shelf spice rack and be flabbergasted by it. You'll be sorry you didn't find it sooner because of how simple it is to use and how well it organizes your spice bottles.


  • Organized cabinets: Kitchen cabinets are full of spice bottles, from pepper to salt, and from saffron to oregano; all these are found in a cupboard, but keeping them organized is a difficult task. But with this under-shelf spice rack, you'll be able to keep the bottles in an arranged manner.
  • Increased efficiency: This spice container makes it easy to access every spice bottle. With it, you won’t be scouring for the needed spice. Instead, a simple drag would be enough to show all spices arranged in a line.
  •  Less storage space required: With its convenient pull-down design, you won't be needing any extra shelf for its installation. Attach it with the existing shelf's base and push it under the shelf. Voila, you have another removable, small yet necessary spice holder.
  • Easy to install: The rack has an adhesive tape attachment. Remove its cover and stick it under the shelf. Support it with your hand for 30 seconds, and it is good to store spice bottles in it. No drilling needed.
  • Excellent gift choice: For every cooking enthusiast, this spice rack is a gift better than anything. Make their kitchen life a lot more convenient by giving them this.