ABS + TPE Toilet Seat Lock For Inquisitive Toddlers

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Kids at the age of crawling are a headache; they love to sneak into your closets, poke their fingers into the electric sockets and splash their hands in the germ-rich toilet water. 

Yes, if your toddler hasn't yet found a way to the toilet water in the bathroom, it’s a blessing, but stop that from happening by getting this toilet seat lock for toddlers. It’s extremely ergonomic and effective.


  • Simple attachment: You have to peel off the adhesive and place the bar of the lock 1 mm away from the tank of the toilet. Make sure to clean the surface with a cloth before attaching the adhesive.
  • Prevention from accidents: This toilet seat child lock is best at preventing your young kids from throwing things in the toilet and getting it clogged or getting in contact with dirty water. It is an essential baby proof attachment if you have toddlers in your house.
  • In order to disengage the lock, press the button and rotate the lock. The toilet is fully operational when the lock is disengaged.
  • Wide usage: This toilet seat lock for toddlers will fit almost all standard toilets allowing for a comfortable one-handed operation for everyone. Prevent your kids from throwing toys in the water and getting their hands dirty.