USB Chargeable Cat Paw Music Nursery Night Lamp

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homeandgadget Home Grey USB Chargeable Cat Paw Music Nursery Night Lamp
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Your baby awakes due to hunger at night, and your first move is to turn on the night light, and that's where this cat paw light is needed. You can also make your time with your kids full of fun in an environment of enchanting music and warm light and focus on each other rather than the surroundings.


  • A great night light: A single pat on it will turn it on or off—no need to find the lamp switch by doing a noisy rummage on your side table.
  • Enticing music: Besides giving a cozy warm light, it plays light enchanting music as well, which makes your kid relaxed and sleep on its tunes.
  • Safer design: The dome-shaped transparent cover is not made of glass. Instead, it's the strong plastic that won't hurt your children while they play with it. Also, the light emitted is safe for babies' and kids' eyes.
  • Adjustable brightness: Depending upon your need, you can adjust its brightness at 30%, 60%, or 100% by pressing it softly for 2 seconds.
  • USB Rechargeable: Unlike other night lights that need direct AC supply or replaceable batteries, this cat paw night light is charged with a USB cable connected to your laptop, power bank, or a mobile charger.
  • Perfect Christmas gift: It makes an ideal Christmas gift for moms having young kids, kids above 4, and of course, a lovely gift for your girlfriend too.