Indoor Led Plant Grow Light Strip

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Is your indoor houseplant looking gloomy, lifeless, and sad? Despite placing it in a bright spotlight, you haven't been able to make it thrive and survive.


And you are thinking, what did you do wrong? Or, should you use an artificial grow light for the plant to boost its slow growth and make it happy and bloomy again?

Let our LED plant grow light strip answer your queries.

These LED grow lights are ideal for low-light plants like pothos and succulents that you can place in your office room where no natural sunlight can reach. It provides them the light necessary for photosynthesis and thus prevents them from yellowing and stunted growth.


What you'll get:

  • Full-spectrum Led light: The blue LED chips may aid the plant to have healthy leaves and stem, whereas the red LED bulb enhances blooming, flowering, and growing.
  • Revive slow-growing indoor plants: This artificial grow light helps give a powerful boost and ideal growing environment to small plants. It helps them to carry out photosynthesis and opens up their stomata so they can carry out the gaseous exchange.
  • No direct burning light: It doesn't emit intense heat that may damage high maintenance and rare plants.


How to use Led plant grow light:

Place the light a little above the flora. You can also put it near the plants, but it is advised to keep some distance.

**may heat up quickly



Full-spectrum light (2 heads)
Flexible USB cord
Bright grow light lamp for small indoor plants
Voltage: USB / DC 5V