V Shape Pineapple Eye Remover Tool

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The essence of tropical flavors, the appeal of citrusy hint, and the zesty aroma of tanginess – our very own, juicy and fruity pineapple.

Cooking, baking, grilling – there's a whole world of delicious and luscious possibilities to use what's hidden inside its hard shell.

However, some of you may skip on all the nutritious and health benefits of this toothsome fruit just for the sake of effort it demands to get those soft slices.

Honestly, it really isn't enjoyable to see that brown-eyed skin after all that cutting you did.  

What if we say you can enjoy the juiciest part without having to deal with the spiky top?

Yes, our pineapple eye remover tool will save your time and effort by helping you pick up all those spiky eyes from the fruit.

Enjoy the sweetness without being annoyed!

  • Easy use: You don't have to skip the nutrients, vitamins, and health benefits of the pineapple just because it is hard to cut and peel. This pineapple eye scooper works like a tong to remove all those eyes that can be a turn-off if you want to consume this fruit.
  • High efficacy: Our v shape pineapple eye remover is designed to save your time and increase your enjoyable experience.
  • Durable: The stainless steel material is rust-resistant, which means you get to enjoy the tropical fruit with ease whenever you want.
  • One tool for all: This is the best kitchen gadget for removing the stems and brown spots of vegetables and fruits like carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, etc.