Vegetable & Fruit Two Finger Peeler

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Is cooking hard? No. But, preparing the ingredients for the dish surely is.

Is it difficult to cut the vegetables? No. But, holding the small veggies and peeling them can be.

Now you don't have to go through the 'usual finger cuts' whenever you decide to make a Chinese dish, a bowl of healthy vegetable fruit salad, or anything that involves lots of cutting or peeling.

This sharp blade finger peeler will protect your hands from any painful cuts or bumps while preparing your favorite dish.

Moreover, it provides a comfortable grip for holding even small fruits or vegetables.

 So, get this finger protector to start your happy and cut-free kitchen journey. :p


  • Palm vegetable peeler that fits perfectly: It has an ergonomic design that fits the two fingers perfectly and can be used to peel an apple, cucumber, zucchini, potato, orange, carrot, peach, etc.
  • Safe cutting: The holder and cutter are separated, allowing you to keep a safe distance between the blade and your finger.
  • Handy kitchen tool: This vegetable fruit peeler will let you prepare the ingredients in no time. Simply, wear the blade finger peeler and start shredding the skin (of the veggie or fruit :p) like a pro!
  • No-slip and cut incident: It has a strong yet flexible grip that will adjust to your finger size so you can hold it securely while cutting.