Wall Mounted Waterproof Phone Case

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Making a famous recipe from YouTube or watching your favorite series while bathing has been made possible with this waterproof phone case. You no more need to be fearful of getting your phone wet or unable to play or stop a video with wet hands. This case allows you to do these all without even carrying it. Just attach it to any wall, play the video, insert your phone in it, and enjoy the mini cinema in water splashes.


  • Anti-fall opening: The 90s era tape-recorder-style opening ensures the phone does not fall even if the case opens accidentally. Opens at a max angle of 60o.
  • Double waterproof: Use in kitchen, washroom, or any other place where water splashes are sure to hit, without fear as its secured by a silicone seal that makes it double waterproof.
  • Touchscreen: The 0.25mm thick transparent screen is a touch-sensitive allowing you to play, stop, forward your video.
  • No fog screen: The high humidity and temperature difference in the washroom do not make this screen foggy.
  • No-Trace hanging: Easy to stick and hang; keeps the wall clear and undamaged.