Watering Vegetable Spray nozzle

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You want to get done with task of watering plants quickly, right? 
1. But it takes a whole lot of time. 
2. The stream of water doesn’t reach everywhere so you have to pinch the end of the water pipe. 
3. And small plants get damaged because of this strong water jet sometimes. 
Not anymore. You can score this Agricultural Atomizer Nozzle right now and provide a pressurized but gentle atomizer spray of water to your plants. It does two things. 
A: Covers the watering field quickly, so you save time. 
B: Doesn’t damage small and sensitive plants, flowers.

What you’ll get:

  • Reach all plants in less time: The deal with atomizer watering sprays is simple. It enables you to fulfill the watering needs of each and every plant in less time. The pressurized jet reaches a wider area and hydrates all your precious flowers, leaves and stems.
  • Saves water: The second benefit is the water it conserves. You can water your lawn and garden in less time without much wastage. The pressure of the water in the outlets can be adjusted by turning the covers clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  • Unhamrful for tiny plants: The atomizer water spray ensures that small & weak plants and flowers are protected from a sudden jet of water. It fulfills their watering needs without compromising their safety.